Well, Mark Cavendish is still the best sprinter in the world and yesterday he proved it again. Nothing went particularly right for the Omega rider as his team was caught out in the final 10 kilometres as the other sprint teams took control of the peloton.

The things we can take away from last night:

  • Cannondale are here to be animators. Cameron Wurf looked solid in his time in the role of carrot to the peloton and they nearly picked up the stage win with Viviani, who was less than happy with his second place.
  • Orica-Greenedge continue to show they may well be the best in the world at setting up a sprint finish. But races are won in the set up and Matt Goss continues to fail as a closer. Everything set up perfectly for the Aussie, including Cavendish having to use up energy to come across a gap that opened in the train and having more teammates at the crucial stage, but he still had to settle for a disappointing 5th.
  • Cavendish is pretty good at cycling

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