Stage two pretty much continued to prove to me that team time trials, simply have no place in modern cycling. It really irritates me that riders lose time due to their team mates rather than individual performance and in something defined by the individual at the end, it really infuriates me beyond measure.

What I took away from stage 2:

  • Sky are clearly the best team in the world right now.
  • Nibali losing 18 seconds was something he could ill afford, he will lose massive chunks of time in the first individual time trial as well and those seconds make his task even tougher.
  • I quite liked the team Blanco put together to support Robert Gesink but I think losing almost half a minute is too much for a man who hasn’t filled the world with confidence on three week tours.


Looking ahead to stage 3- Sorrento to Marina di Ascea:

  • Sorrento is one of my favourite places I have been to in the world and I cannot wait to get to see the scenery around the area again at the roll out.
  • On smaller tours I’d expect teams to blow the race up and bring a smaller group to the finish with the hills in the latter half of the race. Day two of this Giro though and the likes of Cavendish and Viviani will be hellbent on victory again.
  • Expect a group of 4-8 riders to go clear and make things difficult for the peloton, usually the type of layout that I expect the break to succeed on 3 week tours, its probably too early for this to happen but you never know.

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